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The symbolic meanings of tarology

Would you like to master the tarot cards to be able to know what the future holds for you? You want to be able to master them without having to ask the help of a tarologist? To do this, you should at first know what cards have to bring you. You should also know the great arcana by heart.

The contributions of tarot cards

Sometimes you wonder why do you need to draw tarot cards. It is currently an eternal question. As a human being, you sometimes ask yourself questions like "are you going to succeed in life? What kind of job will you really be doing later on, is your current spouse really your soul mate? Thanks to the powers of the cards, you will be able to get the answer to all your questions. The tarot aims to give you an explanation of an event of the past and how it can affect your present and your future. He can also give more details about the events of your present and future. The cards will also help you to know you better and if you have to rectify certain behaviors so that you can embellish your social relations. The tarot does not aim to make decisions for you, it only shows you the guidelines to follow to carry out your project.

The meaning of the major arcana

The tarot is a game that has 78 cards including 22 major arcana. To be able to do the card reading future free, you must learn them by heart and know how to link the drawn cards and your situation. Here are the 5 great arcana most important and most consulted. The juggler who represents the success and the liveliness of your project. It can also reveal to you your hidden potential. Then there is the popess who shows you how much you can be very lucid and wise. Then you have the Empress who is the sign of a wealth and good news. This card can also be taken into account on its negative interpretation as infertility. Then there is the pope who translates into a real trust in silk and finally the lover who represents the card that will give you the guidelines to make the decisions.

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